Piano Service
The piano is a marvel of human ingenuity. The first piano was
invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco more
than 300 years ago and the design was perfected over 200
years (continuing to this day). It is a complex instrument
containing thousands of specialized parts all of which must be
working properly for the musician to enjoy playing it to its fullest
potential. For this reason we offer
tuning, repairing, regulation
(adjusting the keyboard touch), and
finish touch-up services.

When you inquire about having your piano serviced our piano
technician will give you unbiased advice and explain the
different options you have in servicing it. With this knowledge
you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Once
you decide on the level of service you want you can be assured
we have
reasonable rates and all of our work is guaranteed.

Our piano technician has
over 30 years of experience, having
serviced thousands of pianos in homes, churches, schools
and other establishments. Not only a piano technician, he is a
pianist and piano instructor, therefore, knows what pianists of
all levels require from their instruments. His goal is to make
every piano sound, play and look its best!
Piano Lessons, Tuning & Repair
Private Lessons
$90/Month & Up
Tuning $80 - $120
Repairs $50 & Up
In Music Business Since 1979
Taught in our studio or your home