Sunny, from Lenexa, took piano lessons for 12 years and with his
extremely consistent and intelligent practice habits completed and
mastered nine comprehensive levels of our piano course. He
learned to play a variety of styles of music including classical, pop,
rock, blues and jazz. He has performed advanced classical pieces
including Beethoven's Moonlight and Pathetique Sonatas Mvts I, II &
Sunny demonstrates what any student can accomplish if they
properly implement what we teach
! In our Spring 2011 Piano Recital
Sunny played classical and jazz music, including  J. S. Bach's
"Sinfonia No. 3", Chopin's "Minute Waltz,", "Romanze Sonata"
composed by his instructor Tim DeAtley, and "I'll Take Romance" a
jazz standard in which Sunny created his own unique arrangement.
He also improvised a solo on a Latin jazz tune composed by his
instructor titled "Bossa Nueva". Through his passion for piano Sunny
developed excellent practice (study) habits which benefited all of his
educational pursuits and in 2012 graduated as a valedictorian of his
high school class with one of the highest grade point averages! He
is now in law school after completing a business degree in college.

Caleb, from Overland Park, took piano lessons for 13 years learning
to play piano at an advanced level in a variety of styles of music
including classical, jazz and pop through reading music and
improvising. In addtion to playing piano he also played trombone for
six years and participated in both the
Kansas City Youth Jazz Band
and band in school. In our Spring 2013 Piano Recital Caleb played
John Williams' Superman Theme "Can You Read My Mind?", a 20th
century classical piece "Tableaux de Provence" by Maurice, and
Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu". He also performed the Maurice
piece as a duet with a saxophonist at a music competition.
represents what any student can achieve if they carefully follow our
instruction and dedicate themselves to high level practicing
! He
graduated high school in 2013 and is pursuing a double major in
piano performance and engineering in college.

Chris, from Overland Park, took piano lessons for 14 years from the
age of four - 18 (the second longest duration of any of our students).
In our Spring 2009 Piano Recital he performed solo, duet and larger
ensemble pieces in a variety of styles of music. He played a J. S.
Bach Invention, Lee Evans' contemporary jazz suite "Water Colors",
David Lanz' tribute to the inventor of the piano "Cristifori's Dream",
and an original composition he titled  "Time Away." He also played
the Beatles' song "With a Little Help from My Friends" with his
younger brother
Cullen who took lessons for 15 years from the age of
three - 18 (the longest duration of any of our students) and a group of
students singing. He improvised his part using a "lead sheet" (a
basic sketch of the melody and chords) of the song. Chris (and
Cullen) also participated in the jazz program at Rockhurst High
School and received a high score for his performance of Mozart's
Piano Sonata K. 545 Mvts I, II & III.

Kavya, from Lenexa, a 14-year-old has taken seven years of piano
lessons and is a good example of one of our current students who
enthusiastically puts into practice our high quality teaching and reaps
the benefits both musically and in life. Along with playing the piano
she is a budding singer as well. In our Fall 2011 Piano Recital she
played several piano pieces and sang "Ice Castles" with piano
accompaniment by Caleb. She also sings in the
Allegro Community
Children's Choir
and takes voice lessons proving that our lessons
not only create excellent pianists but also prepares our students to
become active and successful musicians beyond piano. Following in
Kavya's footsteps is her ten-year-old sister
Anuva who has taken six
years of lessons and doing equally well. Kavya and Anuva both
achieved "Superior" ratings for their piano performances at Music
Festivals in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016. In 2012 Kavya won second
place at her level in the piano competition and received a perfect
score on the theory test. In 2015 she won third place in the piano
competition and Anuva won second place in 2016.

Grant and Laura siblings from Kansas City, Missouri, took lessons
for six years during the 1990s successfully learning to play the piano
and gaining a thorough understanding of music. With the knowledge
they attained they were able to utilize it when learning to play other
instruments (baritone horn and clarinet) and performed in the
Symphony of Kansas City

You or your child can become our next success story!
Tim - Piano Instructor, Piano Technician
Studied classical and jazz piano at the Conservatory of Music at
UMKC. This background, combined with a lifetime of musical
discovery, allows him to teach
both classical and pop/jazz music
styles equally well through
both reading music notation and
improvising. He has
taught piano lessons for 30 years to students
ages 7 - adult. He has been
tuning, repairing, and refinishing pianos
since the age of 16

Kimberly - Piano Instructor, Early Childhood Educator
Specializes in teaching piano lessons to students ages three - 12.
With an education degree and
30 years of piano teaching experience
she understands how children learn and how to teach them at their
level. Her
caring and patient personality gives students a supportive
and encouraging environment in which to learn.

Tim and Kim have developed a very effective lesson program for
any age student. Both are dedicated to the belief that anyone can
successfully learn to play the piano and that this process should
be an enjoyable, positive, and life changing experience!

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