Located in Johnson County, Kansas
We offer the following services:
♫ Piano Lessons - Ages: 3 & Up
♫ Piano Service, Tuning & Repair
Piano Lesson Program
Our philosophy is to teach piano lessons in an enjoyable and
imaginative way so our students learn more and stick with lessons
longer, therefore, succeed at learning to play the piano. We use a
blend of traditional methods along with the latest teaching concepts
allowing our students to reach their individual goals in the most
productive manner possible. Our comprehensive program includes
a variety of learning activities not found in typical lessons giving our
students a more interesting and effective educational experience.
We are dedicated to the success of our students and do everything
in our power to help achieve this goal. More than ordinary piano
lessons we teach a high quality piano lesson program!
Piano Servicing
We offer a range of piano services, including: tuning, repairing,
regulation (adjusting the keyboard touch), and finish touch up.
We have reasonable rates and all of our work is guaranteed!
DeAtley Piano Studio & Shop
Piano Lessons, Tuning & Repair
Tuning $80 - $120
Repairs $50 & Up
Private Lessons
$90/Month & Up